1440 - 1521

Renaissance composer


Desprez was considered one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music.


Josquin Desprez was born in 1440. Desprez was born in an area ruled by a duke. It was named the Duchy of Burgundy in modern day Belgium. He lived mainly in Italy. Desprez died in 1521.

Josquin Desprez did a lot of music work. He was involved with church work. Josquin was very religious. Desprez was employed in Milan. He was also a singer at the Papal Chapel in Rome. He was a music teacher. He belonged to a group of composers known as the Netherlands School.


Josquin Desprez had the ability to express words through music. He had command of musical technique. Desprez was skillful in the use of the canon (repetition of a melody.) Desprez wrote music for four voices. He composed secular songs. He also wrote love songs. His love songs were in French and Italian. Desprez composed eighteen masses. He wrote a lament for the death of his composer, Orkegtem. Josquin wrote a song called "Imitation of the Cricket." His music was published.


Josquin's command of text and structure makes his music one of the great legacies of Western Society.

Renaissance musical instruments


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