Ghiberti was a famous sculptor, painter, and a goldsmith. He was famous for the two sets of Bronze Doors.


Ghiberti was born in Florence, Italy, in 1378, and died in 1455 on December 1. He was named Lorenzo Ghiberti. His dad was a goldsmith who worked with metal, and could help Ghiberti do his best. Also, one time Ghiberti worked with Michelangelo on the second pair of Bronze Doors.


At the age of 25, Ghiberti started his first work of art, which was the set of Bronze Doors. He started them in 1403 and completed them in 1424. The Bronze Doors had 28 panels; 23 showed the life of Christ. The first set took him 21 years to finish. After his first set (which won a contest ) he started on the second pair. "The Gates Of Paradise" were the second set, because they were so beautiful. They had 10 panels from the Old Testament. "The Gates Of Paradise" took him 27 years to complete. Ghiberti made all of his work very vivid. He was a sculptor, and a goldsmith. With this talent he could make frames for his classical and native pictures, make glass windows for the Cathedral, and put porches on a batistery in Florence. Ghiberti also sculpted statues of saints, such as St. John, St. Stephen, and St. Matthew.


The impact Ghiberti set was a standard of high quality that other artists and sculptors could follow.

Panels on the second set of Bronze Doors


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