Venetian Painter


Titian was one of the great artists of the Renaissance.


Tiziano Vecelli was known as Titian to the world. Titian was born in 1477 and died in 1576 at the age of 99. Titian lived with his uncle while working as an apprentice for a mosaic artisan.

When Titian grew up, he became a famous Venetian painter. He was famous for his religious paintings and use of auburn color. In 1516, Titian was named the official painter of the Republic of Italy.

In 1525, at the age of 51, Titian married a fair young lady named Cecilia. Titian had two daughters and two sons.


Tiziano Vecelli is famous for the use of light and his rich colors. Titian is famous for such paintings as: The Gypsy Modonna, The Holy Trinity, Emtombment, Pope Paul III, Self Portrait, Man in the Red Cap, Pietro Aretino, Venus d'Urbino, King Francis, Charles V on Horseback, and Pievedi Cadore. Tiziano's first painting was The Three Frescos in Padua. In 1515, the two most famous paintings were Three Ages of Man and Sacred and Profane Love. Titian's greatest painting was The Assumption of the Virgin painted in a church above an altar. It had a marble frame. Another fine painting was of a Pharasee and Christ. It was called The Tribute Money.


Titian was known for being a very excellent colorist. He was also known for flowing lines and relaxation in his paintings. He was the greatest portraitist.

This painting was called Bacchus and Ariadne. The painting is about Bacchus (the God of Wine) meeting a young woman called Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. They fall in love at first sight and eventually get married.


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