How The Crow Got His Color


This story is about the Crow, of how they got their color. Long ago, the animals used to talk. These animals were dressing each other up, when it was crow's turn to dress up, the other animals painted him a different color. He went down to the water to look at himself. He said "Gee! I look funny".

The other animals said" Okay, lets change it." So they went back to dye him, again he went green, red, orange. Then the crow went back to the water and said"I don't like it."

The other animals were getting tired of dyeing the crow different colors, so they whispered to each other "lets push him in the black dye." Then all the other animals grabbed him and threw him in the black dye, then ran away. They started laughing at the crow and said "You look funny. Ha Ha Ha!!!"

The crow was very mad. He said "Come back here! And dye me a different color." The other animals replied "No Way! You are going to be black." Then all the animals ran away. That is how the crow got his color.