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A collaborative project between Elijah Smith Elementary & Ecole Whitehorse Elementary
The scene of the crime....
The Cat Clock in the Cool Cats' room went missing and the only clue was a note on the whiteboard.
A ransom note from me to you:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I stole your cat,
Now whatcha going to do?
The search begins....
The grade 1's interviewed the staff of Elijah Smith School to see if anyone knew where their cat clock had gone. They posted signs all over the school but no one knew where it had gone! They decided they needed to ask for help from the experts at solving crimes.
We called in the RCMP to investigate......
The grade 1's invited RCMP officer Sargeant Allen Lane to their classroom to help them solve the mystery. He showed them finger printing techniques to try to identify the culprits!
Another ransom note and a clue.....
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your cat is safe
But she is missing you!
Want her back,
Here's what to do
Draw, write, create something
to say what she means to you.

A clue arrives with a note and picture. Our cat clock has made friends with some ducks! But, we don't have any ducks in our school, where could she be?

The grade 1's work hard to get their cat clock back.
Ms. Gurtler's grade 1's make a big book called "The Cat & the Five Little Ducks " as well as make notes telling the cat nappers how much they want their cat clock back!
A slideshow movie of the "Five Little Ducks & Onne Cat" Big Book....
The students wrote letters asking for the safe return of the cat clock.......
The cat clock travels back to Elijah Smith Elementary School with 2 new cat friends!

Our cat clock says goodbye to all the ducks she was visiting!

The Grade 1's and Ms. Gurtler get the cat clock back home to ESES!
For all the great work done by Ms. Gurtler's grade 1 students they get their cat clock back! The kids had so much fun with this mystery they aren't sure they wanted it to end!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You've got my cat
I know it was you!

Actions so bold
The witnesses were few
Revenge is best cold
What's a girl to do? Quack

Finally they receive a movie in the mail identifying the theives in the act of removing the cat clock from Room 2!

The Mystery is finally solved! A movie of the crime identifies the culprits: Ms. Crystal Pearl-Hodgins and Ms. Sharon MacCoubrey.

Thanks to Ms. Gurtler, the grade 1 students & parents, the staff of Elijah Smith Elementary, and the RCMP (Sargeant Allen Lane) for making a little practical joke on our friend Corinne Gurtler into a real life literacy project for the students! A special thank you to Dave McInnes from St. Elias Community School for filming us as part of Cam Good's iMovie workshop at Elijah Smith. Dave wasn't completely sure we were as good friends as we suggested with Corinne Gurtler and that she would enjoy our practical joke on her and the grade 1's but this little mischief developed into a month long literacy project. Thanks to Corinne & her students for taking our joke in the spirit it was intended and turning it into a great project. Ms. Sharon MacCoubrey & Ms. Crystal Pearl-Hodgins (WES teachers)

P.S. The ducks in the eLab at Ecole Whitehorse Elementary are missing their friend from Elijah Smith Elementary very much!
Updated Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Crystal Pearl-Hodgins