Counting Book
A Counting Photo Book iMovie
Project Description In this project, Kindergarten students with the assistance of their Grade 6 buddies created their own counting books. Students used the digital camera to take photos of sets of objects to use in their book. Students imported their photos into iMovie and create a counting photo book with text identifying the numerals and the objects. A special thank you to Mme. Lange and Valerie and the kids for making this project possible.
iMovies (Click on the link to view their movies)


Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize, describe, and use numbers from 0 to 10 in a variety of familiar settings.
  • Estimate and count objects in a set (0 to 10) and compare estimates to the actual number.
  • Recognize, build, compare, and order sets of objects (0 to 10) using both comparative and numerical terms.
  • Explore, represent, and describe numbers up to 10 in a variety of ways.
  • Collect, organize, and analyse (with assistance) data based on first-hand information.
  • Compare data using appropriate language, including quantitative terms.
  • Identify a numeral matching a specific number of objects.
  • Use the counting photo book in French as a resource for their counting.
  • Work cooperatively with classmates.
  • Use a digital camera to take photos.
  • Use iMovie to import and organize photos into a Counting Book movie.
  • With assistance, create a photo book with text and numerals
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