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Human Rights Learning Outcomes
Students should be able to:
  • use the iMovie application to create a presentation.
  • plan and organize their presentations using a storyboard.
  • use the internet as a research tool and analyze web information.
  • access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from given uniform resource locations (URLs)
  • identify and distinguish points of view expressed in electronic sources on a particular topic
  • recognize that information serves different purposes and that data from electronic sources may need to be verified to determine accuracy or relevance for the purpose used
  • import sound and mp3 files to iMovie to enhance their presentation.
  • demonstrate the ability to arrange information in different forms to create new meaning.
  • demonstrate the ability to use special effects in multimedia presentations to influence a message.
  • undertand that structure of the image strongly influence the total effect of the communication.
  • understand that the message of a visual presentation is affected by factors such as colour.
  • analyze the structure of a visual message by expressing the relationships among the purpose of the image, its content and style, and the unified effect that results
  • understand that many 'visual communications' are really audio- visual messages that use sound and image together to communicate a message.
  • recognize the intentional use of sound to create appropriate atmosphere for the visual message, to communicate content that is supplemented by the visual message
  • discuss the artistic unity resulting from combined visual effects, sound effects, and language
  • discuss emotions, facts and opinions expressed visually
  • understand that visual communication is similar in many ways to verbal forms of communication.
  • understand that sensitivity to ideas, tone, and purpose is an integral part of receiving a spoken communication.
  • distinguish between emotional appeal and reasoned argument.
  • distinguish between fact and opinion.
  • display the ability to function effectively in a group includes using talk to advance the purposes of the group and respecting group etiquette.
  • express their thoughts and feelings, explore ideas, and seek information

Learning Outcomes / Links / iMovie Tutorial / Photos / iMovies / Film Festival 2003
Updated May 16/2003
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