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"If we are to reach real peace in this world . . . we shall have to begin with the children."
Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, 20th-century Indian nonviolent civil rights leader
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As part of our Human Rights unit, students were asked to choose a traditional peace song and analyze its lyrics for meaning. We gathered a wide variety of images that depicted various aspects of the human rights issues under general themes such as Child Labour, Child Soldiers, Hunger & Famine, Poverty & Homelessness, Refugees & War, Racism and Peace. Students were asked to create an iMovie with the images as a result of an indepth study of human rights issues. Click on the images below to take you to a specific group's iMovie.
 Human Rights iMovies

Give Peace a Chance
 by Sean & Youssef
Movie Title: Give Peace a Chance
Peace Song: Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Our iMovie is based on world peace. In our iMovie there are pictures of people that had a contribution to the development of human rights, like Ghandi, Craig Kielberger, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, and Iqbal Masih. email: Sean or Youssef

 by Wren & Amy
Movie Title: Shelter
Peace Song: Shelter by Sarah McLachlan
Our iMovie is about poverty and homelessness. Did you know that 70% of the world's poor are female and over 100 000 000 people are homeless? We also found a lot of interesting, but sad, pictures. Take a look at our iMovie to learn more information about homeless people. email: Wren or Amy
Imagine Peace
 by Helena & Marie
Movie Title: Imagine Peace
Peace Song: Imagine by John Lennon

We created this iMovie to show you through images that peace is possible. We hope when you finish watching our iMovie that you come away with an understanding of the importance of peace. email: Helena or Marie

From a Distance
 by Corey
Movie Title: From a Distance
Peace Song: From a Distance by Bette Midler
My iMovie is about poverty and children in war. In the iMovie you will learn about war and how it can affect you. It shows photos of people who dedicated human rights and how. The movie might be hard for younger ones to understand. email: Corey

 by Julie & Kelsey
Movie Title: Peace
Peace Song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Our movie is about “Peace”. We want to show you how kids and adults are in war or in poor places. We want you to know how they feel and see where they live. If everyone could just put a little effort... we believe we can achieve PEACE!! email: Julie or Kelsey

 by Shaun & Christina
Movie Title: War
Peace Song: War by Bob Marley
Our iMovie's theme is war. We have lots of touching pictures and information
on child soldiers and how many there are. There are also pictures that might shock you because there are very young kids that are holding guns. It makes you think about how lucky we are. email: Shaun or Christina
We Can Work It Out
 by David & Cameron
Movie Title: We Can Work It Out
Peace Song: We Can Work it Out by The Beatles
Our iMovie is about Peace. Peace between nations, peace between races and peace between ourselves. Our iMovie was created to raise awareness and to educate people about peace, war and starvation. We made it so that other people would be able to understand the information that we learned. We hope you enjoy our iMovie. email: David or Cameron
 by Jerilyn & Gabrielle
Movie Title: War
Peace Song: War by Sly and the Family Stone
While listening to our imovie, you will learn, listen and see images about war. Some of the images may be disturbing to younger viewers, some pictures contain violence, blood and information that may shock you! email: Jerilyn or Gabrielle
by Genevieve & Robyn
Movie Title: World Peace
Peace Song: Peace Train by Cat Stevens
Our iMovie is about the effects of war, and what some people are doing to stop it. We learned what campaigns are doing to help, and all the things that some day, still need to be done. To help, please view the links on our class webpage. email: Genevieve or Robyn
 by Lila & Sascha
Movie Title: Racism
Peace Song: Stand by Me by The Temptations

Our iMovie is about racism, and how we should stop it. You can help by accepting and respecting other races. Our iMovie shows how racism is everywhere around the world and that people don’t always get along. Racism is not a right so why do some people act as if it is? Why do we have to live with racism? email: Lila or Sascha

Freedom for the Children
by Alex & Dennis
Movie Title: Freedom for the Children
Peace Song: Freedom by Paul McCartney

Freedom for the Children is an informative iMovie about child labour. It explains the trouble with child labour in a very direct and artistic way. This iMovie will teach everyone about this tragedy in our world and how people can help prevent it. It will keep you at the edge of your seat and bring you to the streets of South Asia and the rest of the world! email: Alex or Dennis

I Will Remember
by Carson & Noah
Movie Title: I Will Remember
Peace Song: I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan
Our movie is a reflection on war and what it does to people when it hits them. We need to stop it because we can make a difference you just have to try. email: Carson or Noah
Peace Around the World
by Kynan & Kyle
Movie Title: Peace Around the World
Peace Song: Amazing Grace by Paul Simon
Our iMovie is about child soldiers and peace. While watching you will learn information, get a good sense of what really happens around the world, how children suffer everyday and the effect of peace. email: Kynan or Kyle
Everybody Hurts
by Erin & Jannel
Movie Title: Everybody Hurts
Peace Song: Everybody Hurts by REM

Our iMovie is about poverty and Child Labor, we hope that you will learn that child labor and poverty is bad in other countries like India and Russia. We learned about child labor and poverty and some of the peace keepers (Craig Keilburger, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi.) We hope that you will enjoy and learn something about human rights. email: Erin or Jannel

Learning Outcomes / Links / iMovie Tutorial / Photos / iMovies
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