Mme. Lange's Kindergarten
by Mme. Computer aka Ms. Pearl-Hodgins

Take a trip to visit some sea creatures!

Photos and Information

Sea & Sky Gallery 2
Sea & Sky Gallery 2

Sea & Sky Reef Fish

Seahorse Photos

Corals and Sponges

Things with Fins

Sea Creatures

Life in the Sea

Coral Reef Information

Octopus Information

Sea Turtle Information

Shark Information

Whale Information

Fabulous Fish Information

Jellyfish Cam & Information

Orange Starfish Photo

Green Starfish Photo

Is a Seahorse really a Horse?

All About Jellyfish

Sea Safari
Wonders of the Sea
Sea Life Resources for Kindergarten
Starfish & Crown of Thorns
Ocean Life Classification
Sun Fish

Updated February 23/2003