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by Sharon MacCoubrey & Crystal Pearl-Hodgins

Sharon's Grade 1 students will create a 6 page hyperstudio stack including research on a Yukon animal of choice in a Living Book format. en français
Learning Outcomes:
• identify explicit connections between works that they have read, viewed or heard (Lang Arts yr K-1)
• demonstrate a willingness to experiment with written, visual, kinesthetic, dramatic, oral and electronic forms of communication (Lang Arts yr K-1)
• demonstrate an interest in sharing their work (Lang Arts yr K-1)
• demonstrate the readiness to make choices (Lang Arts yr K-1)
• access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies: process information from more than one source to retell what has been discovered
• draw conclusions from organized information
• make predictions based on organized information
• demonstrate their knowledge of northern animals and their habitat by collecting, synthesizing and presenting information on grizzly bears, hares, foxes, eagles and caribou
• understand the three essential components of habitat are food, water and shelter
• use both online and text resources to find information about Yukon animals
• make simple inferences based on observations
• integrate text and visual images to create a meaningful message
• demonstrate the willingness to use information technology tools
• demonstrate an ability to use a graphics program
• enter information on a computer and print it
• demonstrate a willingness to work cooperatively when using information technology tools
• follow a sequence of steps to perform a task using information technology
• use appropriate terminology to describe the parts of a computer system
• demonstrate proper care and safe use of equipment
• use information technology tools to organize information
• create and modify electronic documents
• use information technology tools in a variety of ways to create new meaning
• enter, save, and retrieve information using a computer or other information technology tools
• use word-processing and graphics software to present ideas
• demonstrate an understanding of data storage practices
• demonstrate an understanding that tasks on computer can be done in a variety of ways
• create and modify electronic documents that express ideas or concepts
• locate and retrieve information using information technology tools
• present ideas using a variety of information technology tools
• describe the components of electronic presentations
• present ideas using electronic documents

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February 1/2004 C. Pearl-Hodgins