Australian Animals
Australian Animal Research WebQuest
Crystal Pearl-Hodgins
Project Instructions | Animal List | Web Sites | Slideshow template
1. Look at all the Australian animals on the Animal List and click on the links to see the animal pictures.
2. Choose one animal from the list to research.
3. Go to the Australian Animal Web sites to find your information.
4. Record the information required from the Research Assignment sheet given out in class.
5. Use the Australian Animal SS template (AppleWorks 5) to create your presentation.
1. Choose an Australian Animal from the Australian Animal List and sign your name next to that animal from the list posted in the lab. Look through the Australian Animal List links if you are not sure what the animal looks like.

2. Work with your partner to find information on the animal and other pictures to add to your report.

Use the Australian Animal Web sites or books from our lab or the library for information. Remember to share the work with your partner. Type your research using AppleWorks and save as "Info."
Some ideas of information to gather: (Remember to check your spelling, punctuation and use complete sentences)
Pictures of animals: These can be drawn or downloaded from the Internet on disk in jpeg format. You are to illustrate a picture of their animal at school using the Kid PIX program or draw directly on your slideshow using AppleWorks. You can also choose pictures from the Australian Animal List.
Appearance: What the animal looks like, size (metric preferred), colours, body covering, special body parts. Describe the animal in detail as if someone has never seen one. This should be at least five sentences.
Animal Classification: group the animal belongs to such as marsupial, monotreme, placental, bird, reptile or mammal.
Habitat: where the animal lives (desert, rainforest, plains, grasslands)
Interesting Facts: information that is really special about the animal or the coolest thing about your animal.
The partners can do the research separately and them combine their information at school. Please see me if you have any questions or need help.
3. Draw a picture of the animal on your slideshow using AppleWorks drawing.
4. Insert any digital pictures you have gathered on to your report page. Go to File and choose Insert. Locate your picture and choose OK.
5. Insert digital photos of yourself at the end of your report.
6. Copy and Paste your information on your slides using the Australian Animal SS Template.
Have fun and enjoy learning about the strange and interesting Australian Animals!
Project Instructions | Animal List | Web Sites | Slideshow template
Updated Sunday, February 13, 2011 C. Pearl-Hodgins