northern animals

for Denise's Grade 1e class by C. Pearl-Hodgins

Visit our Northern Animals Projects page to see the Kidspiration pages, our Northern Animal puppets, drawings and Kid PIX 3 pictures

Mon Loup Project (includes Hyperstudio projects en français) by Cindy & Ms. Pearl-Hodgins

How do animals spend the winter?

les ainimaux stack temnplate for download (Hyperstudio)

Third Grade Animal Studies Links from North Canton Schools

The Arctic Theme from abc Teach

Animal Links from Teachn-ology

Canadian Animal Concept Map

KWL map

Animals of Canada by Mrs Patka (Powerpoint presentation)

Bear WebQuest (includes Kidspiration projects) by Mme. Lucille & Ms. Pearl-Hodgins

Animals of the Boreal Forest from Gander Academy

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