Sea Learning Outcomes
Mme. Lange's Kindergarten
by Mme. Computer aka Ms. Pearl-Hodgins
Under the Sea Learning Outcomes
Take a trip to visit some sea creatures!
Sea Project Term Overview
Students will:
• Understand that the ocean floor consist of various living and non-living things.
• Comprehend that sea animals vary in characteristics that make them different from one another.
• Some water animals provide food for us such as: lobsters, crabs, shrimp, clams, etc.
• Some water animals can be kept in aquariums as pets (ex. fish, frogs, snails, etc).
• Identify characteristics and habitats of ocean life.
• Interpret and locate information using research and literature about the ocean.
• Compare and contrast ocean life.
• Participate in and complete activities using multimedia tools on the ocean life theme.
• Use critical thinking by generalizing the information learned about ocean life with today's world.
• Classify sea life animals and become familiar with different kinds of sea life.
• Listen to and read different books on sea life.
• Create a Kid PIX illustration of their favorite sea creature
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