by Crystal Pearl-Hodgins & Line Pelletier

Line's Grade 1 students have created a 5page hyperstudio stack including research on a Yukon animal of choice in a Living Book format. Download Yukon Animals Kid PIX templates. Visit the following links to learn more about your animal. When you are finished your research play games, colour online, enjoy puzzles & activities!

Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Info
Fun Pages
Arctic Fox Diagram & InformationArctic Fox SoundArctic Fox Painting onlineSage's Fox en françaisCasson's Fox en françaisBrendan's Fox en françaisLogan's Fox en français
Zoe's Fox en français
Arctic Fox PuzzleArctic Fox Slider Puzzle
Arctic Fox Jigsaw Puzzle
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear Info

Fun Pages

Grizzly Bear Diagram & InformationGrizzly Bear Painting onlineGrizzly Bear Sound 1Grizzly Bear Sound 2Grizzly Bear Sound 3
Grizzly Bear Slideshow
Grizzly Bear Tracks & InfoAmaya's GrizzlyKyle's Grizzly en françaisDrew's Grizzly en françaisHoward's Grizzly en françaisKatarina"s Grizzly en français
Sydney's Grizzly en français
Grizzly Bear JigsawGrizzly Bear Slider PuzzleGrizzly Bear Scramble Puzzle

Eagle Info
Fun Pages
Eagle Diagram & InformationEagle Painting onlineEagle SoundErik's Eagle en françaisAmanda's Eagle en françaisJessica's Eagle en français
Tristan S' Eagle en français

Flying Eagle Puzzle

Moose Info
Fun Pages
Moose Diagram & InformationMoose Movie & InformationMoose Painting online Moose with calf movieMoose TracksMoose Questions
Amy's Moose en français

Moose and calf Puzzle

Beaver Info
Fun Pages
Beaver Diagram & InformationBeaver InformationBeaver Movie & InformationBeaver Painting onlineBeaver Tracks
Megan's Beaver en français

Maple Leaf Beaver Puzzle

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf Info

Fun Pages
Arctic Wolf Diagram & InformationWolf SoundsArctic Wolf Painting online Wolf PicturesAmber's Wolf en français
Robert's Wolf en français
Wolf Memory GameWolf Pup Puzzle Wolf HangmanWolf Scrambler PuzzleWolves Jigsaw PuzzleWolf Face Puzzle
Updated Sunday, February 13, 2011 C. Pearl-Hodgins