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How "Bats "Work Welcome to the bat world, where facts are set straight and bats are appreciated not for sucking blood, but for the amazing mammals they are. Illustrations and images help explain bat anatomy and flight, as well as the principles behind echolocation. This site would provide useful information for any of your units on bats, or for independent student research reports.
Anatomy of a Bat
Stellaluna Page (student research & drawings of bats)
Bats in Black
All About Bats: October and its holidays provide the perfect opportunity for learning about bats. This site provides plenty of printables on bats and bat anatomy, along with general background information on classifying bats. Find more specific info on both the fruit bat, and the ever-popular vampire bat.
Kid's Zone Bats
Bat Cave entrance
Bat images
Bats at Enchanted Learning
Explore the Bat Cave at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Bat Folklore Stories
Bats: The Misunderstood Creatures, a resource page created by Grade 8 students on bats & Kenneth Oppel's book "Silverwing"
Bat Games 
Bat Jigsaw Puzzles
Bat Concentration
Bat Homes Game
Bat Survival Game
Bat Magnet Poems
Bat Wordsearch (print out) Grade 1
Bat Crossword Puzzle to print (Grades 2-3)
Bat Crossword Puzzle to print (Grades 3-5)
Teacher Resources
A to Z Kid's Stuff "Bats" Contra Costa County Office of Education, Bat Thematic Unit Lesson Plans for the book "Stellaluna" by by Jannell Cannon
Bat Unit K-1
Bat Study Unit for early elementary
How do bats reproduce
Bat Fruit Salad
Alfy's Adventures of Echo the Bat online book
Bats & the concept of Aeronautics
A to Z Teacher's Stuff Bats Theme Links
Gander Academy's Bat Theme Page
Bats "Creatures of the Night" unit by Marcie Claeys Grade 2
Echolocation Lesson
Incredible Bats Myths & Superstitions
Educator's Toolkit Mini Themes: Bat Links
Species of Bats
Stellaluna's Friends excellent examples of class projects done by a variety of schools and grades
Little Explorer's Bat Research Quiz to print Grades 2-3
Bat Links
Bat Unit: Elementary students can choose a printable page to write an acrostic bat poem, learn about similes through bat idioms, make a bat shape book, complete a bat wordsearch, and more.
eThemes Bats
Stellaluna Projects
Stellaluna Unit
Stellaluna Questions
Bat Information
Stellaluna Creative Classroom Connections
Teacher Cyberquide to Stellaluna
Teachervision Guide to Stellaluna

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