Greek Gods
by Sofie's Grade 7 class
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by Neil of the God Hercules

by Robin of the Godess Arthemis

by Jean-Paul of the God Apollon

by Ian of the God Hades

by Neal of the God Ouranos

by Luke of the God Poséidon

by Gabe of the God Ares

by Tallulah of the Godess Athéna


by Andrew of the God Dionysos

by Gwen of the Godess Hébé

by Austin of the God Zeus

Drawing of the Godess Gaia


by Brianna of the Godess Héra

by Nic of the God Héphaistos

by Bronwen of the Godess Déméter

by Iris of the Godess Aphrodite


by Amanda of the Godess Perséphoné

by Joe of the God Eros

by Megan of the Godess Hestia

by David of the God Hermes


by Adrien of the God Pan

by Sam of the God Thésées

by Nick of the God Ulysse

by Travis of the God Chronos

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