September 1 , 2008

UWant2 Advertising Company
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 1W7

4181-4th ave
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 1J7

Dear students,

My name is Adver Tising, president of the UWant2 Advertise Company. I have recently heard of the wonderful projects you have done this year. You have demonstrated that you have outstanding research and presentation skills. I believe you have all the skills that would be beneficial to my company.

I am presently looking for a new advertising team. I am offering you an opportunity apply for this very saught after position in my company. In order to do so, you must complete a list of tasks that will demonstrate your knowledge of advertising and the media. Once you have completed all the tasks, I will choose my new advertising team.

I look forward to seeing your completed tasks. Good luck and have fun!


Adver Tising

Updated Monday, November 3, 2008
C. Pearl-Hodgins