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Commercials & Media Awareness Information

Media Awareness WebQuest by Sofie Maurice & Crystal Pearl-Hodgins
Consumer Reports for Kids
CTF Study Demonstrates need for Media Education
Advertisers: Interpreters of Our Dreams WebQuest
Use, Evaluate and Treat Critically Information Received from Mass Media
Grade 7 Media Literacy Expectations
Evaluating Bias in Advertisements WebQuest
Media Literacy Links
Common Advertising Strategies
Media Literacy: The Power of Image: TV Commercial WebQuest
Propaganda WebQuest
Media Literacy & Advertising Links
Media Literacy Review Links
Don't Buy It Guide for Teachers
Why Media Literacy Matters
PBS Merchants of Cool
Adbuster Movies: Buy Nothing Day
Commercials by students on fantasy products
Adbuster: Turn Your TV off Movie
How to Create Your Own Print Ad from Adbusters
A WebQuest on Propaganda
Media Awareness Resource Links
Media Smart Resources
Taming the Tube Resources
Media Propaganda WebQuest
Uncommercial Project Information
Don't Buy It:Get Media Smart
Creating Your Own Ad
Ad Dissection:Teacher's Page
Ad Dissection WebQuest
Media Awareness Language Arts Links Grade 7
Advertising: It's Not Your Average Job
Media Awareness Network
Project Reference
iMovie Resources by Ottawa-Carlton School Board

Updated Monday, November 3, 2008