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Zoo Fun
compiled by Ms. C. Pearl-Hodgins & Ms. L. Gauthier

 Zoos to Visit
Alaska Zoo Virtual Tour
Toronto Zoo
Oakland Zoo Animals - A to Z
North Carolina Zoo
Zoobooks Virtual Zoo
Zoo Visits Online
Sheldon First Grade Zoo Pages
Joshia's Big Zoo Adventure
St. Louis Zoo
Sierra Safari Zoo
Forth Worth Zoo, Texas
Los Angelos Zoo
Sounds of the World's Animals
Cleveland Metropark Zoo Animal Information (good for animal research info & pictures)
Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo "What 's It Called" Learn what a baby animals are called and more!
Creature World Click on the Continent to learn information about the animals that live there!
Animals You Can See at the Zoo Animal illustrations, info and sounds
From Antelope to Zebra Fact Pages
Cyberzoo Animal List
Chicago Public Schools Grade 1 Zoo Animal Reports (great for student research)
Indianapolis Zoo Animal Fact Sheets
Honolulu Zoo Animal Fact Sheets
Bembo's Zoo

 Zoo Games
Mr. Elephant Memory Game
Switcheroo Zoo
Wildlife Puzzles
BlackDog's Zoo Animal Tic-Tac-Toe
BlackDog's Zoo Animal Puzzles
BlackDog's Zoo Animal Match
Polar Pairs Matching
Zoo Concentration
Zoo Animal Hangman
Build a Beast (San Diego Zoo)
Animal Scramble
Cheetah build a puzzle
Zebra Jigsaw Puzzle
Orangutan Jigsaw Puzzle
Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle
Lion Jigsaw Puzzle
Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle
Hippo Jigsaw Puzzle
Young Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle
Baby Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Puzzles & Postcards
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Tic Tac Toe
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Word Search
Zoo Animal Word Jumble
Kids Planet Who Am I? Guess the animal by its sound
Animal Planet Concentration
Who Am I? Pop up Quiz
WWF Animal Quiz
January 21/2003
C. Pearl-Hodgins