Grade 9 & 10 Students are invited to apply to participate in an exciting new program that has been developed with the goal to make the educational learning experience more meaningful, relevant and engaging for all students.

CHAOS is an exciting program that will be offered to Yukon students in Grades 9 and 10 for the 2013/2014 semesters and will be based at Wood Street School. CHAOS 10 will be offered in the fall 2013 semester and CHAOS 9 will be offered in the spring 2014 semester.  “CHAOS” stands for Community, Heritage, Adventure, Outdoors and Skills.  These programs have been developed in collaboration with the First Nations Programs and Partnerships Unit at the Department of Education.

CHAOS Around Camp

CHAOS Backcountry Kitchen

CHAOS Backpacking

CHAOS Hike June 2011 Gallery

Giving students an opportunity to learn through experience

• Creating an environment for success and learning

• Providing students with an opportunity for leadership

• Developing understandings and making connections to Yukon First Nations knowledge, traditions, skills, values and beliefs in course content

• Providing a sense of belonging and community relationships

• Program will be developed using a holistic approach: working to balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

• Maintain and enhance the standards of the BC curriculum

• Improved literacy

There will be a number of major expeditions (up to eight days long) planned for each semester. These expeditions will integrate students’ academic studies with other program objectives.

Course Applications

CHAOS 9 2014 Pamphlet