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Home Education

The goal of education in the Yukon is to meet the unique needs of every child and to develop the whole child.


Home Education, sometimes referred to as home schooling or home based learning, is an option available to all Yukon students. It is a way for students to learn in their home and community with an approach that is adaptable and personalized.

Parents assume responsibility for their child's learning by selecting educational programs, methods and resources that help their child to develop appropriate skills and competencies.

Support from the Department of Education

The Department of Education supports home educated students and their families by facilitating access to:

Learning materials such as textbooks, web resources, DVDs and teacher guides.

Distributed Learning courses through distance education schools approved by the B.C. Ministry of Education.

Local school courses Restrictions may apply and transportation subsidy may be available.

• Yukon wide standardized measures of achievement.

Assessment and consultation services regarding an individual child’s needs in areas such as hearing, movement, vision, speech and language, as well as emotional, social and cognitive development.

Yukon Graduation Program information for secondary students.

Equipment and school facilities (i.e., library, gym and computer use) [if feasible, pre-arranged, and supervised.]

The Yukon Education Act specifies school aged children (i.e., those at least six years and eight months old by September 1st and younger than sixteen) who are a resident in the Yukon but not registered in a Yukon school program must be enrolled in the home education program.
Two documents must be completed to register in a home education program of studies. Please download and complete the YSIS registration form and the home education program form in preparation for your child’s enrolment home education.

1. Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) The Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) maintains a record for each student in a Yukon school or in a home education program. All home educated students must complete a YSIS enrolment form. YSIS forms only need to be completed once, at registration, or if there is a need to notify the Department about changes to personal or family information. The following should be downloaded and submitted with the home education form:
Yukon Student Information System enrolment form

2. Home Education Program Enrolments must be submitted to the Department of Education by September 15, of each academic year or within two weeks of starting a home education program.
As a part of enrolment, parents are required to submit details of the instructional program, learning activities and materials they plan to use with their child. The plan must suitably address the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy and build key 21st century learning competencies such as innovation, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, cultural awareness, environmental stewardship, collaboration, technological literacy and making healthy choices. For further information about the requirements of the plan, please contact the Department of Education.
Enrolment forms may be requested from the Distributed Learning Consultant or can be downloaded here:
Home Education Program enrolment form (for students 6-15 years of age)
Home Education Program enrolment form 16+ (for students 16 years or older)

After Enrolment
The Department of Education acknowledges each enrolment in writing and home educators are advised on how they may access resources that support their child’s learning.

Specific requests for enrolment forms, learning materials and other supports can be directed to:

Chris Stacey – TAL Consultant, Distributed Learning


By visiting the Department of Education at:
1000 Lewes Blvd.
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

By phone: 867-667-8876
[toll-free Yukon: 1-800-661-0408, extension 8876]

By fax: 867-633-7983

By mail: Box 2703, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

For additional support and information, the Yukon Home Educators' Society (YHES) organizes activities, provides suggestions for home education resources, arranges support group meetings and welcomes all enquiries about home based learning.

P.O. Box 31674,
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 6L3

It is important parents and guardians of Yukon home educated children fully understand their rights and responsibilities as laid out in the Yukon Education Act. Copies of the Act and regulations are available at the Department of Education or at the Yukon government main administration building.

This information jointly produced by Government of Yukon, Department of Education and Yukon Home Education Society.

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