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The goal of education in the Yukon is to meet the unique needs of every child and to develop the whole child.



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The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI) is working to coordinate and share the best work being done through self-regulation programs and practices from across Canada. YSRI has a 3 –year partnership with the CSRI to build partnerships within Yukon to foster awareness and the development of skills in self-regulation (

Yukon Education has a partnership with Stuart Shanker and the MEHRIT Centre. The MEHRIT Centre provides neuroscience research and consultation services in terms of self-regulation training and resources to educators. The long terms goals is to give children the tools they need to self-regulate and to enjoy and learn from their interactions.



Yukon Education Student Network

The Yukon Education Student Network is the central portal for all Yukon school websites, curriculum links and educational resources. Information & resources for First Nations, the First Class Communication System, Digital Literacy, the Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) and the Yukon School Athletic Association are all are available on YESNet.